Thursday, October 30, 2008

MQ Likes It On Top

It's been a week of eye opening firsts...

After YUM w/ TLC unexpectedly lost to badmintonclub, Marikina United suddenly find themselves at the top of the 3.2 leaderboard by the slimmest of margins. This marks the first time the club has reached this spot since manager Mar Queno began his semi charmed career. While, the Sublime Supremo was unavailable for an interview (some issues to be dealt with regarding the renovations at Irineo Cruz Memorial Stadium, we've been told), he did leave this statement with his personal assistant, Linus, for us:

'We are, of course, happy to be where we are right now. Regardless of outside events, we are at the top because we worked for it. I hope this little taste of success will further inspire the team to battle on to keep the pinnacle until season's end. I apologize for being inaccessible as of late, I'll surely more than make up for it soon. Ingat!'

Well, then. On the up and up and loving every second of it! Can't say I blame him. I, for one, am looking forward to the next press conference. MQ has built up the reputation of being a most gracious host. Perhaps there is truth in the saying that 'You get as good as you give.'? Perhaps.

Gabriel Isagani, Philippine Daily Star


Gallera FC said...

Congrats on making it to the top. pero malayo pa yan dahil 7 games pa lang. watch out for YUM w/ TLC!

siddhartha said...

haha! oo nga! thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment gallera fc! malayo pa talaga! i'm sure greenlandville fc will put up a good fight too, if and when he/she logs back on..