Thursday, October 30, 2008

Who's It Going To Be?

With the first official international matches already scheduled for this Saturday, the search for the next National Coach for Team Philippines intensifies!

As of press time, only one nominee has accepted and affirmed his candidacy, Taka of Green Archers. MAAP, Iloilo Hellcats and Iloilo YodePuga FC have also been nominated but have not confirmed yet (reports have stated that Iloilo YodePuga FC is currently in Boracay! ). Binmaley Fisher, former and best performing NC responsible for the 3rd place FITA World Cup finish of the National Team back in Season 6, has also expressed his intention to run for NC.

Things are definitely getting more interesting as whoever takes on the job has a very short time to prepare for the NTQ match against Syria on Sunday (Saturday, Manila Time). Judging from the quality of the nominees (who all come from the First Division, Ang Liga), we have definitely better than good chances this season! We will keep you updated as new reports come in.

Gabriel Isagani, Philippine Daily Star

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