Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Trophy Manager PRO!!! The Second Return of the Comeback!!!

'MORE!?!', you ask! OF COURSE!!

The most useful features of TM PRO have already been covered, I think. These are the runners up, to my mind. =) Last post on this topic (unless PRO DIAMOND has more toys for me to review!).

With TM PRO, you now have the ability to compare players head to head on the same window with the difference of their stats color coded to see who's better. I know, this is pretty neat but I just saw this like a coupla minutes ago so.. better late than never? =)

At your clubhouse, not only do you get the funky golden boot telling the world of your PRO status, you also get a wood paneled trophy case and 3d-ish trophies and plaques. Oh, that and the logo! Yeeeeeaaah!

Friendly leagues let you compete for even more bragging rights and assert yourself among your peers! The great thing about this is you can set how you want the winner to be chosen (see the image for the interesting details)! Invite me anytime and I'll join if I'm free!

Team of the Round forms a squad of eleven from the best performing players of the round and takes a snapshot of them on the pitch. Yup, bragging rights, baby..

What else is there to say? Design and upload your club's crest or logo ASAP! While this is the first outward indication that you've gone PRO, it shouldn't be the last, if you catch my drift..

Sure, it's fun typing in a kilometric epic club history but this is official. You can't type that.. plus, there's another bonus feature, it gives a prediction of your final standings for the current season based on your most recent results. Magic 8ball, anyone?

Christen your fearless goalkeeper with nerves of steel and iron will... 'boobookittyf@%k'. lol. Up to you really but it costs 5 days of pro and you really can't use inappropriate words.. Sorry.

I wore 10 when I was on the varsity team. Hehe.. only I was on the baseball team. Number them any way you like, 2 digits max I suppose...

Why would you change your club name? If you think of a reason, rest assured that this feature actually makes it possible for you to do so for a significant amount of PRO days. Ouch.

Well, that's the round up. Tune in again next time, I'll be around. =)

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