Sunday, February 1, 2009

MUFC on Skid Row

It seems that Marikina United has been performing worse than The Cobbler Confederate have hoped in this new year. Mar Queno confesses that this recent turn of events has left him more than a little baffled and a bit more worried. With 22 league matches left in the season, it is hoped that the team can find a way to regain their former glory.

Whether or not they can manage to lift the cup this season depends on how well the Sublime Supremo can reformulate strategies to steer the club into winning form. This much is obvious and it is quite clearly shown in the manager's overflowing ashtray. His large kamagong desk is strewn with various performance reports and diagrams of various tactics, with the odd doodle or two on the side. A note on one of them clearly says 'bring whip to next match'...

'I can't lie. I'm telling you I don't really understand it. The players are happy, their morale is high, we've been training harder than we ever have, we're just not getting the ball into the net. At this rate, we'll have a bunch of bummed out guys sulking in a dark bar before lunch for a team by the end of the week. We have to get our act together before the board gets any funny ideas. They've already pressed me to fire some good players, I don't want to have to lay off any more.'

The Grey Goose on the table is half empty at the moment, or is it half full? For The Cobbler Confederate, I'm sure a change of perspective is in order, with or without the alcohol.

Gabriel Isagani, Philippine Daily Star

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Monday, January 12, 2009

FK Socijala

2 logos for FK Socijala, just the way you wanted them dude. =) sorry i didn't have the font you wanted, though.


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Friday, January 9, 2009

So Far So Good

As far as starts go, MUFC has one of the better ones this season.


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New New New

New Season! New Kit! New Sponsor!

Mar Queno toys with changing a winning formula.

'Welcome to the new season.' This sober greeting from the Sublime Supremo followed The Dawn's performance at what has since been dubbed MarikinaStock, the 3 day celebration at Irineo Cruz Memorial Stadium. 'Forget what we've done so far, it doesn't matter anymore. That's why we had this party, to cap the magic that was the last season. To ensure that we do well in TM Season 14, we have to act like none of this ever happened! We have to be hungrier! We have to be fiercer! We have to be champions!' thunderous applause and approving remarks filled the early morning. In the end that is a beginning, here stands Marikina, United.

After unveiling the new team kit which features the newest sponsor for MUFC, Firollo Tires (Obel remains a dedicated sponsor), the Sublime Supremo, Philippine football's answer to Joey Ramone, handed the microphone to team captain Mata as the squad each thanked fans and supporters profusely. While the players were rightfully giving thanks, MQ confided that the short pep talk was the Board of Trustees' idea. 'I don't want to get to the top division only to get kicked back down. When we get there, and we will, mark my words, I'm the one who's going to be doing the kicking down.' While I tried to get the picture of Edward Norton screaming 'put your mouth on the curb' out of my head, he continued 'The way I see it, it'll be another 2-3 seasons before we're going to be anywhere near ready for that particular challenge.'

Ready or not, I hope that day comes.

Gabriel Isagani, Philippine Daily Star

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Marikina United Finishes First!

Fireworks over the hallowed Irineo Cruz Memorial Stadium marked the end of the last match of Trophy Manager Season 13. Dazzling colored lights in blazing patterns danced across the evening sky as the grounds crew rushed to transform the football pitch into a gigantic party venue. The Shoemakers had delivered, after all, and for the first time in Marikina history, they were champions.

Season long dominance, dotted by injuries and crossed by bans, rewarded with a heavy silver trophy. Mar Queno, enigmatic manager of the club, is content, for now. He meets the players on the sidelines and shakes each of their hands, a special ground and pound for team captain Mata as well as for veteran playmaker Galarza. Everyone's smiling, even Lopez, the young striker, with tears rolling of his cheeks. Fans surround them in seconds, while the Sublime Supremo is literally swept off his feet by the squad, thrown in the air thrice, and dunked into the Rhinorade cooler. No wonder he was wearing a Bumro track suit.

With the stage ready, KJWAN did soundchecks to kick off the festivities even as a MarketMan worthy buffet was laid out at different stations. To make a long story short (since I hardly remember much of it), it was food, drink, and rock and roll! Sex and drugs? I'm not sure if they were invited but they may have gate crashed at one point or another. ;)

When the sun rose, Karl Roy was still in the middle of his set, and Rico Blanco was passed out cold. I caught MQ on the tails of his buzz, sipping a bloody mary and munching on some deviled eggs. Breakfast of champions aside, the man was still unbelievably soaked! Apparently, the party had also continued in the pool. He knew I wouldn't let him get back to partying without at least a comment to print so he said 'Let's talk about tomorrow tomorrow. I'm proud of what we've accomplished this season and we'll do our best to excel after promotion. However, it would also be undoubtedly risky for the club to rush into 1.1 in our current state.'

With that, he lit his MonteCristo.

Gabriel Isagani, Philippine Daily Star

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Friday, December 19, 2008


for joao over at th...

this shows draft picks with the same rank priorities:

this is when i assigned new priorities to 2 draft picks:

and this is the result:

hope this helps you out a little. thanks!
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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Training Excel Sheet

Now that there's a new training module out, I thought it would be a good idea to share an excel file with you guys to help you keep track of your squad. = )

after a training update, there will be 3 sets of data to consider. set A is the data on the excel sheet field/gk entry, marked previous training. set B is above set A, marked new training. set C is the training update on Trophy Manager (TM).

first you have to copy set A to another location (any other location, for archiving. or you could delete it if you want).


paste (and/or label):

once that's done, you can proceed to copy set B and paste it to where set A was (yes, set B replaces set A)



next, you have to copy set c from TM.


paste special:


sometimes, when you select more cells than you need to paste to, an error message like this appears. just ignore it and click on OK.

okay, here it is. i hope it helps. =)

trophy manager squad training management excel spreadsheet (virus free!)

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