Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Valencia Promise to Hold Marikina United Scoreless

The recent press release by Saturnino Venta, manager of mid-table club Valencia Daemon, contains a promise to keep the Shoemakers scoreless at the final whistle! We have reprinted this statement here in full.

Marikina United has got a good game but all good things must come to an end Marikina United with a winning streak and only 3 games that ended in a draw.

The players of Valencia Daemons have been their making the best teams in their respective groups last season grab their starting loss to them, but only to be denied by Lex Taliones the winning cup. Saturnino Venta has this to say "We denied Sweet 5 Star of a winning streak, We kick the ass of As Cebuano only to kick back by Lex Taliones last season. This season is different we have a new Manager a new strategy, this time we will get the cup."

Shoemakers watch out the demon hunter are playing next...

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