Friday, October 24, 2008

New Philippine Team Coach

With current National Coach (NC), Josh of Blue Wave FC, set on laying down the manager's clipboard for the National Team (NT)this season, the search for the new grand architect for Team Philippines has recently started. It really came as no surprise since Josh had expressed his intentions earlier but the recent season start up may have delayed this much needed process as Philippine managers tweaked stadium facilities to accommodate increased fan bases.
Earlier on, Kimberly Federico of MAAP had suggested that Taka of Green Archers, newcomer to the Philippine League's first division, Ang Liga, might be a potential candidate. No comment was released by Taka, however. A second possible candidate may be RBD of Ang Liga powerhouse Iloilo YodePuga FC, as JC Rosario of Binmaley Fisher mentioned recently. As of press time today, no response from RBD was available yet.

As nobody has concretely stated their plans to run for NC, it seems that the search must continue. It's arguably a difficult role to fulfill but one that represents both national pride and personal achievement for the brave soul willing to take on the challenge. More news as they become available.

Gabriel Isagani, Philippine Daily Star

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