Friday, October 24, 2008

Crimson's Tips and Answers

Mar Queno has been many things during his semi charmed life, one of these is (and always will be) a diligent student. As applied to TrophyManager, his 'lessons' have led him through threads on the local forum, the international forum, and even fora in other countries (check the Links! below for more!).

His latest great find is this awesome thread by the legendary manager, Crimson Kings:

Crimson's Tips and Answers

which features the mentor of world class TM superstars, Noga 'Maestro'Ben-Dor (OM C F), Uzi Silverstein (DR), and Wiktor Siwiak (D LC).

MQ told me to specifically tell you:

'Read and learn, my sons, read and learn.' = )

yup, smiley and all. Uhrm.. I guess I'll go now.

Linus, personal assistant to Mar Queno

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