Sunday, February 1, 2009

MUFC on Skid Row

It seems that Marikina United has been performing worse than The Cobbler Confederate have hoped in this new year. Mar Queno confesses that this recent turn of events has left him more than a little baffled and a bit more worried. With 22 league matches left in the season, it is hoped that the team can find a way to regain their former glory.

Whether or not they can manage to lift the cup this season depends on how well the Sublime Supremo can reformulate strategies to steer the club into winning form. This much is obvious and it is quite clearly shown in the manager's overflowing ashtray. His large kamagong desk is strewn with various performance reports and diagrams of various tactics, with the odd doodle or two on the side. A note on one of them clearly says 'bring whip to next match'...

'I can't lie. I'm telling you I don't really understand it. The players are happy, their morale is high, we've been training harder than we ever have, we're just not getting the ball into the net. At this rate, we'll have a bunch of bummed out guys sulking in a dark bar before lunch for a team by the end of the week. We have to get our act together before the board gets any funny ideas. They've already pressed me to fire some good players, I don't want to have to lay off any more.'

The Grey Goose on the table is half empty at the moment, or is it half full? For The Cobbler Confederate, I'm sure a change of perspective is in order, with or without the alcohol.

Gabriel Isagani, Philippine Daily Star


Gallera FC said...

you can still fight your way to the top. I admit that Iligan Templars has improved because he has a NT goalkeeper. The table is close and you can still knock out those teams on top.

Lex Talionis said...

i scanned on your line up MU, you need a goalscorer.. someone with 15+ pace and 15+ finishing... tapos masyadong marami ang u22 mo.. benta mo na yung walang potential.. benta mo na rin si r. delgado.. matanda na eh... masakit rin siya sa bulsa dahil sa weekly wages,,, goodluck