Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Training Excel Sheet

Now that there's a new training module out, I thought it would be a good idea to share an excel file with you guys to help you keep track of your squad. = )

after a training update, there will be 3 sets of data to consider. set A is the data on the excel sheet field/gk entry, marked previous training. set B is above set A, marked new training. set C is the training update on Trophy Manager (TM).

first you have to copy set A to another location (any other location, for archiving. or you could delete it if you want).


paste (and/or label):

once that's done, you can proceed to copy set B and paste it to where set A was (yes, set B replaces set A)



next, you have to copy set c from TM.


paste special:


sometimes, when you select more cells than you need to paste to, an error message like this appears. just ignore it and click on OK.

okay, here it is. i hope it helps. =)

trophy manager squad training management excel spreadsheet (virus free!)

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