Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Trophy Manager PRO!!!

Do you remember playing DooM or QuakE? Do you remember the first time you played in GODMODE? That's how I felt today after signing on for Trophy Manager PRO, like I had finally played the game and all my past playing was just the intro...

Here are some of the best features of TM PRO, imho.

The Assistant Manager will help you crunch those numbers faster than you can say 'That's waaay too much information!'. lol. Used with prudence, this could potentially improve your standings significantly.

Say goodbye to staying up all night locked in a bidding war for your next star player! The Transfer Agent automatically bids (up to a maximum amount you set) so you can catch some zs!

The Expanded Transfer List allows you to set more parameters like multiple player positions (perfect for hunting down the OM C, F of your wildest dreams or simply having a flexible team with multiple D CRs and D CLs or M/DM Cs, depending on your favorite formations) as well as multiple skill criteria for the discerning buyer.

The Transfer Monitor is a great way to keep an eye out for a particular player with that je ne sais quoi who could fill a special niche in your tactics without searching all the time. =) It's like having a team of headhunters at your beck and call 24/7. Sweeeeet!

All you really have to do now is make tons of money (and hold on to it) to actually bring all that fantastic talent into your club!

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